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Can't stop loving you.

Duncan and Veronica music videos.
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Because there's never enough love for Duncan & Veronica, and never enough music videos. Here's easy access for all. :)
I (the Mod) will also post links too other particularly good D/V finds, such as icons and layouts, but this is first and foremost a vidding community.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Header was created by sullyvann.
Banner was created by _harmless_sin_.

I'm not big on them, so there's only a few.
+ Only Duncan/Veronica videos can be posted. When I say this, obviously if it's a vid of D/V and L/L for example, that is fine. Even if it's a vid of D/V and L/V that's fine. Just some D/V content please. :)
+ You can only promote, but only if I think it's interesting/relevant will it be left, if not, it will most likely be deleted.
+ Please take time to comment on the vids once you've watched them, they take a lot of hard work and feedback is greatly appreciated.
+ All previous videos can be found in the Memories .
+ Enjoy!

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